Karyn G. | 12/6/22 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie Rowe was thorough, knowledgeable, responsive, professional, and helpful every step of the process. She has my highest recommendation.

Beth and Chris R. | 10/22/22 | Mayville Seller

Debbie kept us updated as to where we were in the selling/closing process every step of the way.

Gary and Colleen R. | 5/22/22 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie goes above and beyond helping to complete the process of moving forward with a new property. She makes herself available to answer all questions or issues. We feel confident all the details are taken care of with Debbie as our agent.

Pamela B. | 10/24/21 | Mayville Seller

Debbie was most helpful in all ways possible.

Eric and Kasia L. | 9/7/21 | Mayville Lakefront Seller

Debbie went above and beyond our expectations to provide great service to us throughout our sale! She is very quick to respond to any questions and a very honest experienced agent. I recommend her without qualification for any of your real estate needs.

Craig D. | 7/2/21 | Mayville Buyer

We recently had the pleasure of buying a home with the assistance of Debbie Rowe. She made the whole experience happy and easy for us. She is a lovely person and an extremely competent professional. Debbie has a very calm and encouraging way of working -- never pushy or impatient. She listens with genuine care and interest. She put our needs and wishes first. We knew from the start that we were in the right hands. Debbie made sure we got the exact home we wanted. She guided us every step of the way. She set us up for notification as soon as the type of property we were looking for was listed. She kept in touch with us as we looked for properties. (This all had to be done long distance due to covid.) Debbie was available to quickly make an offer as soon as we found the property we wanted. She prepared us to make a successful offer. Because of her help, we were ready to act as soon as the property we had our heart set on was listed. We made our offer immediately and it was accepted before the next person made theirs -- just a few hours later! Debbie also guided us through the closing process. She helped us find a real estate lawyer. She also helped us tp promptly get a property inspection. She was also very helpful in getting insurance and setting up the utilities for our new home. She helped us very accurately estimate closing costs. She kept in touch with the selling agent and the real estate lawyers and assisted us in completing the closing process. Debbie is very knowledgeable and was able to provide answers to all our questions throughout the whole process of finding and buying our dream home. Living in it now is such a joy and we are so grateful for all Debbie's work in achieving a successful outcome. We feel very fortunate to have chosen her for our agent and we highly recommend her for all your real estate needs.

Mary Ellen K. | 3/10/21 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Debbie did a great job of helping me through the process of selling my condo. She was always available to answer my questions, and we managed to sell the condo in 3 days!

Susan and Ernie S. | 6/25/20 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie was patient with us and not at all "pushy. She was knowledgeable regarding our real estate interests and when we asked a question that she could not immediately answer, she found the answer and got back to us right away. She was diligent in keeping track of the paperwork and in communicating the status of the process.

Greg S. | 6/24/20 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

It was fantastic working with Debbie. I had inherited four weeks of timeshares at Chautauqua Institution and decided to sell them. There had not been any timeshare sales in many years, but Debbie was able to sell all four weeks in a few months...incredible! Thank you Debbie.

Quincy E. | 4/8/20 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

We worked with Debbie for three years. She had been recommended to us my many people. She is patient, knowledgeable and solution oriented. We looked at a lot of homes over the years and found the perfect place for us last fall.

Hunter J. | 2/3/20| Chautauqua Institution Seller

Our house was very difficult to sell for reasons that are unimportant here. The point is, Debbie stuck with us for more than two years (!) despite the challenges and frustrations. She did a marvelous job of keeping up with the condition of the house (we're largely absentee owners). She also was very skillful in dealing with prospective buyers. The house was recently sold -- and at well about the asking price! Thank you so much Debbie. We are SO glad we chose you to represent us and our house.

Stephen T. | 2/3/20 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

We worked on this transaction for over 2 years. I have been involved in real estate in excess of 40 years. Debbie is on a very short list of the finest representatives of her industry: knows her market well, picks up the phone and very accessible and responsive; professional, a credit to ERA, Jamestown and Chautauqua Realtors; provides input and candor based on her experience and knowledge of the market during negotiations. An absolute asset.

Karen W. | 11/4/19 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie went above and beyond for us at every turn. I highly recommend her!

Cheryl P. | 11/1/19 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie is knowledgeable about the local real estate market and delivered timely research and answers to all my questions. Her attention to detail is excellent. I highly recommend her!

Bruce and Susan K. | 10/24/19 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie provided excellent service. She showed us all of the homes in our price range, helped us decide among various options, and was very responsive with all our needs. She replied to every email I sent within 24 hours. She was very helpful with every step of the process.

Rob S. | 10/17/19 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Debbie is a classy representative who was impeccable on follow-ups and a pleasure to work with.

Ed S. | 9/16/19 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

I've known Deb for a number of years. She has always struck me as serious and knowledgeable. What was of most import to me was to work with someone who understood the market and would tell me what she thought and not what I wanted to hear. I thought that we worked well together and I would work with her again in a heartbeat.

Sue N. | 8/22/19 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Kept plugging away !!

Marcy C. | 8/6/19 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Debbie sold the 1879 Victorian cottage last fall that had been in our family for over 83 years. Understandably, this was a difficult family decision. Debbie was very professional and responsive throughout the entire process.

Susan J. | 7/22/19 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Debbie is a "no pressure" realtor, easy to work with and makes the experience easy for the seller. Very knowledgeable about her territory, pricing and availability. She sold our Chautauqua condo and handled some of our pre- and post-closing details which made things much simpler for us as we live in another part of the country. Debbie gave me buyer feedback after showings and kept me informed throughout the listing term. She's also a very nice person!

Peter Y. | 6/11/19 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Very knowledgeable and proactive agent who knows the market and how to sell. Responds quickly to all inquiries and follows through. Highly recommended!

Marena G. | 5/5/19 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Debbie is an outstanding realtor. She is highly knowledgeable and effectively implements strategies to promote property sales. She communicates very well with clients and is tech savvy. She is caring and considerate and goes beyond the call of duty to help her clients sell their property. You could not have a more effective realtor.

Jody L. | 2/21/19 | Mayville Buyer

Debbie was great to work with! She was very patient with me and attentive to all my requests during my 1.5 year search for a home. She truly appears to love what she does and is not in it just for the sale. She often went above and beyond to make sure my concerns were addressed.

Leigh and Brian R. | 10/16/18 | Lakewood Buyer

Debbie was so easy to work with, and offered a lot of great advice and support during our first home buying process. She took care of everything in a timely manner, and was always quick to respond to calls, texts, and emails. I would highly recommend her to anyone in the area looking to buy a home.

Terry Brown | 9/6/18 | Jamestown Buyer

Debbie was very professional and helpful in my home purchase. She answered my questions quickly and went above and beyond with helping me buy this property as I was working with her from 800 miles away. Thanks Debbie for a worry free and pleasant experience!

Tobi C. | 4/16/18 | Jamestown Buyer

I was in good hands with Debbie. She provided me with great service and was 100% dedicated.

Arthur W. | 2/7/18 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Working with Debbie was a pleasure. She was attentive to our desires and is honest and professional. She took the time to do the research and to show us properties she thought we would be interested in. No hard sell, just a desire to show us and let us decide. I would highly recommend Debbie to anyone looking for a quality realtor. PS - we bought the second unit

Persephone and Bill B. | 2/3/18 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie is the BEST! We were not sure we were ready to buy in the Chautauqua Institution. We very much appreciated Debbie's low-key approach to helping us find the right place. She was realistic about the up- and downsides of each property, and when the time can she negotiated a fair price. The process was completely smooth and stress-free because of Debbie. She is quiet but powerful.

Renee H. | 1/9/18 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Debbie was great to work with, she is very personable and handled all transactions like a true professional. She responded to my emails or phone messages immediately. It was truly a pleasure to work with her.

Amy K. | 11/20/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

We worked with Debbie for 3 years before we found our Chautauqua home. She has always been helpful and professional, and (obviously) patient. Her knowledge of how things work at Chautauqua Institution has been invaluable, and she has been a great source of information even after we closed. We recommend her highly.

Kendall C. | 11/11/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

We loved working with Debbie! She helped us find our perfect vacation home, and was indispensable in helping us navigate the closing. She went above and beyond more times than I can count. She is terrific!

Frank M. | 10/27/17 | Mayville Buyer

Summer Homes/Vacation property are a slippery slope! Ms. Debbie Rowe guided us through the metaphorical moguls of buying a second home. The whole time she was very patient with us. Not only that. She really knows her stuff! There are certain complexities to a proper strategy which she put in force we never knew existed. My wife and I highly recommend Debbie whether one is a buyer or a seller.

Sally M. | 10/26/17 | Mayville Buyer

It was a pleasure working with Debbie during our search for a 'new' summer home in the Chautauqua area. Easy to work with, understood our wants & needs, stepped up to the challenge. I would highly recommend.

Genie P. | 8/11/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Over a calendar year, Debbie was principled, patient, honest, and organized with attention to detail. Never showed us anything outside our stated parameters. Gave us utilities costs, taxes, etc. when we inquired. Living nearby year-round enabled her to share her network of connections--invaluable! She had to work hard because there wasn't much for sale. She also has a low-key, polite attitude.

Sharon R. | 6/23/17 | Bemus Point Lakefront Seller

We highly recommend Debbie Rowe--a superior realtor in all respects and a lovely person. She is a treasure to work with.

Jeanne S. | 5/26/17 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Debbie takes pride in her professionalism and is a pleasure to work with. She is proactive, responsive and caring and solves issues as they come up. By working with her I was able to leverage my time and attention and leave her to do her job. It was a positive experience, and I am grateful to her for always picking up the ball and taking care of whatever needed to be done which included everything from negotiating with buyer, coordinating paperwork with my attorney, providing me with contact information, and forwarding personal effects.

Kathleen and Curt V. | 5/16/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie is a knowledgeable and organized professional, and we enjoyed working with her to purchase our vacation home in Chautauqua.

Steve and Sandy L. | 5/7/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie is helpful, professional, knowledgeable, approachable, responsive, and patient. Everything I could have hoped for in a realtor.

Sandy J. | 5/5/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

We purchased our Gingerbread Cottage with Debbie Rowe in 2009. I keep her phone# on my speed dial for all my real estate needs.

Pat R. | 5/3/17 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

Debbie's professionalism, knowledge of the skills required, knowledge of the community, her attention to detail, her ability to guide her client in making the best decisions and her unquestionable dedication to give of her time and to research all aspects of the clients' needs are absolutely phenomenal and above normal. She also gives back to the to the community as a volunteer. She is the most hard-working Real Estate agent I have ever know or worked with. I cannot praise her enough.

Jim R. | 5/4/17 | Mayville Buyer

Debbie did a fantastic job of listening to our needs and sorting through all the clutter. She did a great job of providing information and answering questions but gave us the space needed to make this really tough decision. She had invaluable experience guiding us through the offer process. I would highly recommend Debbie to any family looking for the perfect house in a complicated market.

Adam A. | 5/2/17 | Mayville Buyer

She is a great personable person who listens and respects your decisions. She showed us properties that fit our needs and budget without pressure to exceed the limits we set forth from the beginning. She always worked around our schedules and made herself available anytime we needed. It was a seamless and exciting process.

Gail and Chip G. | 4/8/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

We purchased a home at the Chautauqua Institution using Debbie as our real estate agent. I had seen the home through an open house and contacted Debbie to represent us. She was helpful and professional during all aspects of the purchase beginning with the bidding process through the closing. As for purchasing a home, I would not hesitate to recommend Debbie. She is very knowledgeable about the real estate market, trustworthy, dependable and pleasant to work with.

Kristin R. | 4/5/17 | Jamestown Seller

Made meetings within family, throughly explained everything to my elderly mother, so she could understand it all; very personable to us. Debbie was always available to us.

Lin| 4/5/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie has been responsive to our situation and is always looking for properties that would meet our needs.

Cherie S. | 4/5/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie is a fantastic realtor. We have worked with her in our ongoing search for the perfect CHQ property. She is completely informed and reliable and patient. She is the perfect person to help you navigate a tricky market.

Rebecca B. | 3/31/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

You won't find a more dedicated, attentive, competent and pleasant agent! Debbie knows the area, the market and the inventory and is especially tuned into matching availability to the buyer needs and wants!

Suzanne S. | 3/27/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

I think Debbie has all the qualifications listed below, but I wanted to show what I think are her strongest points. We were working with Debbie when my husband passed away suddenly. Debbie's low key and sympathetic personality was exactly what I needed to complete a dream on my own, and that was of having a place at the Chautauqua Institution. I still consider her to be a part of my Chautauqua family. As a first-time condo owner, I had some things to learn, and she knew all the right people to ask. She also helped me connect with people who could help me with upgrading projects.

Suzanne and Ralph L. | 3/26/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

We were, and ARE, complete fans of Debbie Rowe! She is totally efficient, professional, calm, encouraging, and a lovely friend. If and when we sell our Chautauqua home, she will be our first call.

Gerry and Sandy H. | 3/25/17 | Ashville Seller

Debbie listed some property for me. She had a very good description of the property and some great pictures. Even though it was only a small parcel of land that I was selling, I thought that she gave it the same attention as she would have to a million dollar home. She was very quick in getting back to me with answers to any question that I might have. I wouldn't hesitate to use her again for future Real Estate transactions.

Don and Mary H. | 3/25/17 | Jamestown Lakefront Buyer

Debbie helped us find our house on Chautauqua Lake and made the process easy for us, which was great as we live in Pittsburgh. Debbie knows the local market and targeted houses that met our needs. She actually picked one that didn't quite have all the check marks but could be modified easily and had a great location. That's the one we bought, and we wouldn't have looked at it without her astute recommendation!

Bruce and Julie D. | 3/25/17 | Jamestown Seller and Bemus Point Buyer

We very much enjoyed working with Debbie, purchasing property on which to buy a house from her and also selling our house with her help. She was professional, friendly, low-key (not pushy), understood our needs, followed through, helped us understand what we needed to do/what was going on, and had our best interests at heart. We would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell!

Alison and Dave S. | 3/23/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

It was a pleasure working with Debbie. Her knowledge of the market and willimgness to go above and beyond were helpful in enablng us to purchase our property in Chautauqua! I highly recommend Debbie!

Donice and Roy A. | 3/23/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie Rowe was our realtor when we purchased a home at Chautauqua Institution. She facilitated the purchase well ---even though our home is in Kansas and were able to make only one brief weekend trip to New York to look at real estate. She was very professional, never high pressure, always a good listener. She addressed our questions and concerns promptly. We always felt very comfortable working with her.

Sarah N. | 3/22/17 | Mayville Seller

For anyone searching for a home or thinking of selling their home, Debbie Rowe is the most informed, creative and honest Realtor I have met. Moving to another State, we needed communication re: interest, showings...Debbie kept us up to date and even checked on the house. Debbie Rowe is a true Professional, she takes all the stress away. I highly recommend calling Debbie Rowe!

Gill W. | 3/22/17 | Chautauqua Institution Seller

I can whole heartedly recommend Debbie Rowe as an expert in her area. She did a great job in assisting us on our property sale.

Sally C. | 2/10/17 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie not only helped me buy my apartment, but she also helped with recommendations for contractors to upgrade it. She is a delight to work with!

Kelly B. | 11/28/16 | Bemus Point Seller

Debbie was very helpful in the selling of my house. She was very easy to reach and answered all my questions. The process went very well because of her.

Suzy W. | 11/23/16 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

Debbie has been wonderful to work with. Her understanding of the community has been VERY helpful, and her attention to detail and follow up made the whole process easier. In addition, she went above and beyond in securing necessary documents and working with my banker and attorney to facilitate the closing. I can't say enough about Debbie. She is an excellent real estate agent and a delightful person, too!

Alyson S. | 11/17/16 | Chautauqua Institution Buyer

My decision to purchase a condo came at the same time that I get extremely busy in my profession, and Debbie made the purchase process very little work for me. She had great follow-through and offered suggestions regarding aspects that I had not even considered. Even well after the sale was completed, she continued to give me helpful information.

Dan and Peg F. | 3/20/16 | Mayville Lakefront Buyer

We worked with Debbie as we were looking, we at property in Mayville/Chautauqua Lake area. Debbie was more than accommodating as we were coming from Cleveland on the weekends to look at potential buys. Debbie was organized and ready with the details as we visited various properties (sometimes knee deep in snow!) Debbie also became familiar with our likes/dislikes and helped sift thru the properties by visiting them first and giving us her opinion. Very efficient process- saved us time - and money. We would highly recommend you choose Debbie as your agent. You will be impressed!

Eric L. | 3/19/16 | Mayville Lakefront Buyer

Debbie is a very knowledgeable and dedicated professional. She helped us find our summer home in our dream location. When it came time to close the deal, she gave us expert advice on how we should proceed to make sure we got the house we really wanted at the best price. Not living in the area at the time, we trusted Debbie to take care of all of our business in dealing with the purchase. She came thru with flying colors and I would not hesitate to recommend Debbie for any of your real estate needs!